Collective for Non-Nordic stuff

We get enough people who use our site to nordic, but are in town for a total outdoor vacation, looking to do some downhill, night skiing, snowshoeing, hot tubbing, hell maybe even ski jumping. Just to save ourselves some emails repeating the same things, we put this together today since it’s slow and we happened to get two non-nordic questions in the same morning.

Hot Tubbing

There are really just two: Strawberry Park and Old Town Hot Springs. Strawberry Park is a Steamboat institution and sometimes tough to reach without 4-wheel drive. Old Town is a more family friendly place. Like a hot tub theme park right in the center of town. Colorado Ski Authority did a write up on Steamboat hot tubbing if you are looking for others.


We like things a bit rougher and remote, and there is plenty of that, but if you are just in for the day and want something special, just check in with the resort. They have good rental prices and some moonlit as well as guided gourmet tours. Not really our thing, but it’s usually a direct hit for most visitors.


There is really just the resort. You can ski Howelsen, which is alright, but doesn’t much stand up to Steamboat. We put in maybe 3-5 powder days a year when it is too good to pass up and too deep to nordic. You probably don’t want to miss night skiing if you haven’t before. Remember that it’s $39 if you buy at the window and $25 if you buy 7 days in advance. Colorado Ski Authority has had some discount passes in the past, but I think that’s all gone now and they don’t offer them thru anyone. CSA does have dome good ski rental discounts though.


We should just say that we hate this as a sport, but respect it as transpo, so we don’t know which trails are best or which machine is better than another, but this joint has a lot of options and we haven’t heard any complaints.

Ice Skating

There is pretty much only the Ice Arena at Howelsen, but the killer thing here is that they have ice bumper cars. We have done this more than a few times on more than a few beers or better. It is worth the trip out. Only around $10 to ride. A touch more to skate, but cheaper than a night skiing ticket and way cheaper than a day pass, which is over $150 this year.