How to Nordic Ski

We all learn a bit differently so we don’t want to force one way or another on anyone. I learned by hacking my way through it and thinking about the Nordic track videos. Then I met a Norwegian who shored up some of my holes and I started to improve rapidly and more importantly, I started to fall in love with the sport. Everyone has their own genesis. I’m fairly athletic and have done a lot of downhill and tend to pick things up quickly, plus I like to wear myself out. If you aren’t exactly like that, then you likely learn differently.

Here are some videos that I just plucked from Youtube that I think will serve nearly all types of learners, athletic levels, and appetites. If you find others that you think are better or should be included, please post them in the comments and I’ll slap it up here.

I don’t favor any particular one of these, but if you are serious about getting good, I would watch all of them to the point where you think “Gah! I know already.” That means it’s soaked in and will likely stay with you when you are out on the track.

Fundamentals of cross country skiing technique

The Elements of Cross-country Skiing: Classic Technique

The Beginner’s Guide to Classic Cross Country Skiing

A beginner Lesson from Learn to Nordic Ski

Getting Started in Cross Country Skiing

Essential Intro to Cross Country Skiing

Learn to Nordic Ski from an Olympian

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